Pricing of Our Services

Since this is a new bookkeeping service, I'm going to offer my first five clients free bank reconciliation service for three months. That's about a $30 to $45 monthly service free of charge. After the first three months the charge will be $55 an hour. Generally, it should only take about a half an hour to reconcile the bank statement. In addition, for the first five clients I will charge just $ .40 for each recorded transaction for the first three months instead of the regular price of $ .55 per transaction So, if there are 150 transactions to be input, the cost for each of the first five clients for the first 3 months would be 150 times $ .40, or $60. If there are 250 transactions to be input, I'll charge $ 100 for the first five clients for the first three months. Printing out a full set of financials, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement will be $15 per statement or $45. The financials can be prepared and printed quarterly or monthly. That's up to you. For Payroll, call for a customized quote. JournalWorx, LLC offers: Payroll Checks or Direct Deposit Payments to 1099 Contractors Federal Payroll Tax Deposit service Tracking Federal and State Unemployment Tax Liabilities Filing of Quarterly Federal and State Payroll Tax Reports Filing of Quarterly Federal and State Unemployment Tax Reports Printing of W-2s at year end for Employees Printing of 1099s at year end for Contractors Electronic Filing of W-2s to IRS at year end Customized Payroll Reports Tax Preparation Services are $60 an hour with JournalWorx Clients receiving a 33% discount For other services, give me a call. JournalWorx uses QuickBooks as standard software. Let me help you keep your business on track with taxes and on target with helping you manage your business. I have the bookkeeping experience you need. Give me a test drive and see for yourself.
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